Estimate our new update!

We have been working hard past days, and now we are ready to present a new great upgrade of Russia-Invest!
The game design is now more attractive, and more over more profitable!

Chief Each of your companies now has it's own chief!
The Chief - is the manager, which allows your company to earn much more!
Your company's income now directly depends on chief's productivity.
If your chief has 200% of energy, then your company would have 2 times higher income.
If your chief is tired, then you would have no profit at all.

Gifts shop You can increase chief's energy by purchasing some gifts in our shop.
Each gift has its own price, you should find the best and cheapest gift!
Also, you can rarely meet very profitable gifts, they significantly increase the energy!

Levels Now you can upgrade your company and become "The omnipotent".
You have 10 levels, each level gives you a lot of bonuses!

  • max. capacity of the cash vault up to half of the company's price
  • max. fund up to 4x of the company's price
  • change asset hold period the frequency of changing asset up to 5 min.
  • max. available area in the nearest future you could install some buildings into your company
  • chief! your chief will get tired slowly, and could have super productivity up to 200%

All this features we push with great bonuses

Crypto trading company

The official trader in the crypto-market

  • Max. fund

    39 960 

  • Securities


Rate of return %

50% /mth .

Per month, rubles

20 020 


9 990 

Initial fund


Autumn chief

At any deposit +3% on your account Make deposit
At deposit 750  +5% on your account Make deposit
At deposit 1 500  +9% on your account Make deposit
At deposit 3 000  +12% on your account Make deposit
At deposit 5 000  +14% on your account Make deposit
At deposit 7 500  +17% on your account Make deposit
At deposit 13 200 

Crypto trading company

With start-up capital 49 

и +23 % on your account

Make deposit

The biggest deposit

Fund 160 117 

The biggest deposit during the day.

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More payments by referrals

Fund 61 333 

More payments by referrals

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