Dear investors!

We are pleased to inform you about a significant update in the life of Russia-Invest!

We have added a new part of the gameplay - Opportunities!
As in the real life, different opportunities are opening and closing for us, and we are entitled to use them. Or we can remain sitting on the sofa. Everything is in our hands.

Opportunities at Russia-Invest. This is a new gameplay that will allow you to earn money on a new account (opportunities acc).
Just choose the opportunity that suits your needs (in the "opportunities" section within each company) and get your reward directly to your opportunities acc!

Opportunities have a number of characteristics, and we will tell about them now!

  • Potential profit - is how much you earn at the expense of opportunities
  • Time spent - how much time the company will spend working on the selected opportunity
  • Costs - what expenses will be required to incur in order to take advantage of the opportunity (from the purchase account)
  • The change - is the possibility that the opportunity will be successful and you will receive potential profit

Opportunities are also divided into three categories.

Allows you to earn small amounts, with virtually no risk of failure.
Such opportunities are the majority. Grey colour.

Allows you to earn tangible profits, but the risks also increase.
Such opportunities are about 1/5 of the total. Red

The most profitable opportunity, allows you to make up to 350% of the cost of the opportunity! Very valuable opportunity. Orange.

You also have the possibility to refuse the opportunity, in this case the company will take a short rest (15 minutes).

Ahead we have a lot of interesting things ahead, we continue to work on improving the site, and in the near future we will provide the public with another interesting, and most importantly, profitable update!

Follow the news and stay with the most reliable project!

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