Dear friends!

We decided to tell you some words about the game and how it became.
We are the team of 4 developers, came up with the game in the May 2017.

The game should contain a lot of features.

  • ever-changing assets
  • different company funds
  • cash & cash-services
  • multi-level cooperation
  • full inter-game economy
  • etc ...

And we set to working.
After 7 months, in November 2017, the release of took place.

The first version was a game with a very large and, as we must now recognize, complex functionality.
Most of the conceived features were implemented.
New players do not even know that they had to wait several hours until the cash collection services will take out your hard earned money in the company's cash desk, from where they can be either withdrawn or :) reinvested in the company.
It was confusing, the players left, not knowing what to do, and whether it is possible to earn in this game.

Slightly thought, we began to simplify the game.
It may seem strange, but the simplification of the implemented functions with a ready-made game with an audience, is very hard task. But we coped with it!

First of all, we removed the cash collection services.
Having checked the figures, it turned out that this small step attracted a large audience to our game.
We were inspired by the changes.

Then we implemented a single management office. It turned out that it is very convenient, you and we (we also play our game) can perform all functions from one place. This simplification greatly increased the performance. More and more players joined our game. The project is gaining momentum!

Then we wondered how much the players earn in the context, and it turned out ... OOPS, that we had big misunderstandings with reality - the rates change too quickly, and the asset can be changed only once in 2 hours, and as a result very few of players managed to achieve those indicators that we wrote at the shop.
Based on the calculations made, we decided to greatly increase the profitability of the assets and lower the limit on asset change.
And, voila, the growth of players began to increase constantly.
We saw the revival!
It was a very valuable experience for us.

In the end, we decided to save only the most important thing - the assets.
We initially believed that this would be our key feature.

For us, the realization of this feature was a completely new vision of economic games: players choose their own rate of return.
Assets' rates are constantly changing, depending on the activity of other players.
Everything is like in a real stock, but much simpler.

In the end, after so much effort, everything worked out for us!
Now our project is used by more than 100,000 people from different countries, and this digit is growing daily.
We are very glad that you have chosen Russia-Invest!

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