Dear players!

We respect your contribution to Russia-Invest.
We want a long life for our project.
Currently, investments in Russia-Invest have slightly decreased, and in order not to repeat the experience of the past, we are forced to introduce a temporary additional limit on withdrawals.
We introduce an additional savings account .
Now, to withdraw funds, you must have funds in your savings account and an account for withdrawal.

You can replenish your savings account in 2 ways.
1. By deposit
40 from any deposit in Russia-Invest will go to a savings account.
2. Referral payment cash-back
Any referral payment cash-back will now be credited to a savings account.

In view of this event, we are raising referral cash-back.
Now you will receive 40 from referrals of level 1,
and 7 from referrals of level 2 to the withdrawal acc.
The same amount will be credited to the savings account.

Bonuses continue to operate. Successful trading, dear investors.

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