The Russia-Invest game is not just a unique and innovative project. It incorporates a brilliant idea that is implemented in life for the first time!

You are a manager during the financial crisis in Russia. You have several types of companies at your disposal.

Buy a company, choose the most profitable asset, relax and watch how money will be flowing in!

The game is intended for rookies. You don't need to read and cram so many books on technical and fundamental analysis, on options, stop-loss and so on.

But at the same time, the game is very close to reality! There are victories and defeats!

Just buy a company and the system will do the rest for you!

The game is unique because identical companies may achieve different yields! It all depends on the manager!

Russia-Invest is a new project and we are determined to raise the quality level of online games to unprecedented heights!

Take your seat in the manager's chair, fasten your belt and fly!


  • Fast payouts to your wallet.
  • No payout conditions – you receive what you've earned!
  • The project reserve is distributed among many payment systems, risk of loss is excluded


  • The project creators have a firsthand knowledge of what safety is!
  • The site is protected against hacking of any kind (xss, sql-inj, csrf)
  • The project has a backup system for possible hosting failures


  • Our technical support service is always ready to answer any question on the project and help solve any problem that arises in the game.
  • All payment/payout processes are automated and occur instantly
  • Your companies work 24/7! Your profit is always coming non-stop