On this page, you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

There are no such limitations on our project.

It's just a demo company that can show some ins and outs of the game.
Limitations of the test company:

  • The company's revenue goes to your deposit account
  • 10 rubles is the maximum profit from a test company
  • You can't change the account to withdraw your profit. You can only withdraw to your deposit account.
  • If you deposit money into the company's Fund, it will be returned when selling a street vendor.
Payment occurs instantly. However, technical malfunctions happen sometimes. In such case, the payment will not exceed 48 hours
The company's cash vault is a temporary storage for money earned by the company.
Profit generated from the company's activity is paid into the cash vault (if the company's withdrawal destination is indicated in the company's cash vault).
You can withdraw funds from the cash vault through cash service. You can call for cash services from the company's page.
Each company has a cash vault's limit. This is the maximum amount of funds that can be placed in that cash vault.
If the cash vault's limit is reached, call cash services to transfer funds to your withdrawal account.
The company's Fund is the amount of funds for which earnings from the selected security is credited.
Each company has a fund limit that it can manage. If the limit is reached, you will not be able to increase the fund and all the company's earnings will be sent to the cash vault.
Your company can send its generated profit either to the company's Fund or to the company's cash vault.
  • Sending the profit to the company's Fund will increase the company's returns.
  • Sending the profit to the company's cash vault will make the funds available for withdrawal.
Cash service is a game element that allows you to transfer funds from the company's cash vault to your withdrawal account.
After calling cash service, the funds in the cash vault will be withdrawn and delivered to the bank (withdrawal account).
Cash service takes exactly one hour.
Security(asset or instrument) is the company's main asset, through which the company generates profits.
Shares, futures, etc. are securities
We have a two-tier affiliate program.
  • First tier - 7%
  • Second tier - 2%
Referral commissions from all your referrals' deposits are paid into your withdrawal account from where you can immediately withdraw them.
Anybody who has attained the age of 18 years and who is recognized as legally capable to act can participate in our project.
You can't. This is prohibited by the rules of the project. If such cases are detected, you will be banned from the project forever.