Updates and 20% sale!

Dear investors!

Our project has changed a lot, and for the better!

Let's start with the main thing.
As you can see, there are no more companies' funds, you earn only from what you have invested, and exactly as much as indicated on the company's badge in the store!
This is an incomparable plus.
Everything has become even simpler!

We have added a large number of new super tasks.
You can find them in the paid tasks section in the sidebar.
Now the income from assignments has become more significant.
And we promise to replenish this section. Follow the news!

We have updated the main page.
If you open it, you will see some changes.

  • you can register and buy the company immediately from the main page without any additional actions,
    all bonuses from the first deposit will be taken into account;
  • we added information about the latest deposits and payouts, also we added the TOP investors section;
    you can track the real situation right from the main page;
  • your feedback has appeared on the main page;
  • additionally added information blocks;

Only at this weekends you have the ability to get +20% on each investment
additionally to other bonuses

Weekend sale

At any deposit +20% on your account Make deposit

Not with us yet?

Now is the best time to buy smart business, now there are smart bonuses!
Join our family of businessmen, earn money, and have fun together with Russia-Invest!

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The Season 2

Dear investors!

We are one year old!
We have crossed a threshold that a few people expected us to cross.
We did it with you, dear friends!
Thank you for being with us all this time!

Our game has been paying for more than a year.
And it is a great achievement, gentlemen!
We think that you understand that this is very, very difficult.

In recent months, you may have noticed significant changes in the mechanics of the game, some have been added chips and options that should change key cash flow processes that would allow to pay for many years.
But this did not happen.

So why we not have a general birthday party?

We could run a great share, make awesome bonuses, but that would be a not honestly.
Because the lifespan of this version of the game was very close.
We really appreciate your loyalty, and did not begin to do so low. Most likely you would not have time to "repel" nested ...

Season 2 start!

Over the entire duration of the project, we have identified some fundamental problems that cannot be fixed, without restarting the whole process in a new way.
Without solving these problems, the project will not be able to really exist long.
Therefore, instead of a birthday promotion, we announce the launch of the season 2 of Russia-Invest!

New updates are waiting for you in the new season:

  • — Higher profitability of all companies
  • — No more company fund
  • — No “setup fee” when buying a company: a specified percentage of profitability is based on cost of the company
  • — The company can bring a maximum of 150% profit, then retires
  • — No counting opportunity
  • — Chief\'s energy does not affect the profitability of the company
  • — All accounts are saved, referrals including

The first season worked one year!
We will do our best to make season 2 work at least more!

Welcome to Russia-Invest season number 2!

At this moment we are making technical preparations for the season No. 2, this will take no more than an hour!